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This site is dedicated to my personal hobby and isn’t intended to market consulting services. In fact, I rarely consult for new clients these days. If you need something you think only I can help you with, please contact me – my rate is $350 USD/hr.

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My social media presence can be found here:

Technical Usage-Related Questions
If you have a technical question about using an Oracle product, such as Oracle Database, Oracle Call Interface, the Oracle ODBC Driver, Oracle Instant Client, SQL, or PL/SQL, I encourage you to ask it on the Oracle Community.

The forums I participate in are as follows:

Technical Internals-Related Questions
If you have a technical question about Oracle Database internals, send it to me as an email ( As stated before, if I haven’t already posted the source code to a project, please do not ask for it. Likewise, I don’t share information about low-level data structures I’ve researched or anything Oracle would likely consider proprietary.