This page contains information about several of my personal projects. These projects are purely for personal and academic research; they are not designed or intended to be commercialized.

Information disclosed in any aforementioned document is based on personal research only.  While I may have released binaries for several of these projects, do not ask me for unreleased binaries or source code. No part of these projects are for sale.

Storage Architecture

  • Oracle Block Format
  • Oracle OLTP Compression
  • Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • ASM Internals

Network Protocol

  • Performance Optimization
  • Transparent Network Substrate
  • Two Task Common/Interface

Memory Architecture

  • Shared Global Area

Data Access Components

  • Precompiler Compilation Unit Data (CUD)
  • Oracle Call Interface
  • User Programmatic Interface
  • SQLLIB Interface

Utility File Formats

  • Oracle Messages Binary (MSB)
  • Export File Format (DMP/EXP)
  • Data Dump File Format