My Tools

This page contains information about the tools and utilities I’ve written related to Oracle Database. While these tools are based on personal and academic research, I’ve found them to be useful enough to post for others to benefit from.

Most of these tools are released in binary form. As I have a limited number of systems to build on, a binary for your platform may not be available. If that is the case, please contact me privately. If the source code for a tool is not already provided, please do not ask me for it.

NAEVIUS is a third-party application that attaches directly to the Oracle SGA and continuously monitors database performance in the style of ASH. In addition to active session statistic collection, NAEVIUS provides the ability to persist historical session data over time, enabling a DBA to perform AWR-like snapshots and reporting.

SCAPE4O, SQL Capture and Analysis by Passive Evaluation for Oracle, is a utility that captures Oracle TCP/IP packets and provides the user with a detailed analysis of Oracle connections, statistics, query activity, and relevant response times.

Mercury Distributed Cache for Oracle
A distributed buffer cache for Oracle Database.

Nakano is a log-based transactional replication system for Oracle.

Open Source ODBC Driver for Oracle
A fast, compliant, and open-source ODBC driver for Oracle Database written in C using the Oracle Call Interface.