Monthly Archives: February 2009

Currently At SEOUC

While I had almost missed my flight yesterday, I am now in Charlotte North Carolina attending and presenting at the SouthEastern Oracle Users Conference. My first session, Benchmarking: Tools, Methodologies, and Techniques, was earlier today and I think it went OK. I’ve also attended a couple sessions as well.

Specifically, I was impressed with the keynote from Rich Niemiec (the President of TUSC) this morning. While it was basically a history of Oracle, containing some of the details shared by Larry Ellison himself during the 2007 OOW keynote, Rich was able to add a bit more insight into things due to his past interviews and discussions with old, key Oracle employees such as Bruce Scott. Also of note was a presentation from Karen Morton (Method R Corporation–Think Hotsos), which covered the basics of how statistics affect the Oracle CBO and how to manage them. I found her demonstration, using playing cards, an excellent way to visualize basic query optimization calculations for things such as selectivity; I believe others did as well.

Also attending the conference are the guys from Bizwhazee, with their awesome PL/SQL+Web+Ajax product, TURBOEnterprise. If you want to try TURBOEnterprise, you can download it free for development from their web site. Or, if you just want to check out some of the cool Web 2.0 stuff you can develop in pure PL/SQL, you can play with it online.